Feb 21, 2012
Christophe Lauer

Everything is a Remix, the final episode

This is both a good and a bad news: The fourth episode of the series of videos “Everything is a Remix” by Kirby Ferguson is now online. The bad news is that it’s the last of the series.

If you’ve never heard about these 20 minutes videos – actually you should if you follow me as I talked about the previous episode last year on my tumblr – I suggest that you start by watching the first episode, and then the following.

This last episode comes in a perfect timing, as the discussions around ACTA, SOPA and PIPA are hot topics at the moment. This is a great content, and if you like it, you can donate some money to help and support the costs.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Feb 17, 2012
Christophe Lauer

(From SlideShare) Facebook goes public. What now?

Here is one of the best content that I’ve seen lately about Facebook, and the fact that the social network is going public. It comes from Publicis Modem London, it is published on SlideShare, and I really recommend that you spend some time browsing through it’s content.

If I summarize: More than 85% of it’s revenue comes from advertising. Facebook is soon going public with a valuation of roughly $100bn. At first sight, you can think that this number is absolutely huge, and that it could hardly make multiples, which is basically the reason why investors would invest.

But then you realize that facebook in 2010 grabbed only a small 3% of the total digital market, when Google earned a comfortable 46%. The ARPU of a Google user is 8 times more than the ARPU for a Facebook user, so there’s room for a progression.

How can facebook increase it’s revenue? Either by adding more users, or by selling more ads, or by selling more performant and more expensive ads.

In some geographies, the facebook penetration is approaching saturation. The growth in terms of users is slowing down, but the time spent and the stickyness is still growing, as you can see by checking the ratio of facebook DAU over MAU that keeps growing.

So, the other option is to push more ads to the users – we have seen lately a new picture viewer which now can display ads in the right column – and also to make better and more expensive ads, by better target profiling. This is where the new “Open Graph v2″ APIs comes to play, and will allow a never seen before highly accurate and fine user profiling by logging each and every of your so-called “frictionless activities”. What you read, what you listen to, the videos you’re watching, and so on and so forth, all your actions “online” – and not only while in Facebook, and now only in your browser, just think of your Spotify player on your iPhone… – will sculpt a very realistic portrait of you as a consumer.

This is a brilliant strategy to build a much better and finer ads system than the current Google AdWords leader. No doubt that the gap between the 3% and 46% of the digital pie between facebook and google from 2010 will soon become a figure of the past.

To be continued… :)

Oh, and make sure you don’t miss their 9 points in the “What If” section, starting at slide #52.

Ever though of the potential of these 9 ideas that facebook could eventually implement someday? Can you feel that power?

Feb 5, 2012
Christophe Lauer

Le Super Bowl en quelques chiffres… étonnants !

Ce week-end a lieu la finale du Super Bowl 2012, l’évènement sportif numéro #1 aux Etats-Unis. De ce côté de l’Atlantique, on connait surtout le Super Bowl pour les publicités qui sont diffusées à la mi-temps et pour lesquelles les marques et les agences rivalisent en inventivité et en créativité pour séduire les spectateurs, en escomptant sur le buzz et la viralisation à la clé.

Mais au delà des publicités, comme on est bien obligés d’admettre que dans notre grande majorité on n’y connait rien aux règles du football Américain, alors que savons-nous au juste sur ce Super Bowl ?

J’ai trouvé cette présentation qui nous vient du planning strat de Havas Media sur SlideShare, et elle présente quelques chiffres qui donnent toute la mesure – ou plutôt devrais-je dire toute la démesure – de cet évènement sportif. Voyez par vous-même après la slide #14.

Ainsi, pendant la finale c’est :

  • ° USD $3,5M pour un spot de pub de 30 secondes
  • ° 4,000 tonnes de pop-corn
  • ° 14,000 tonnes de chips et autres tacos
  • ° 26,000 tonnes d’avocat
  • ° 1,25 milliard de “Chicken Wings”
  • ° +20% de vente des tablettes anti-acidité pour la digestion (Rennie et consorts…)
  • ° et un absentéisme au travail assez remarquable le lendemain ;)

Enjoy! ;)

Feb 4, 2012
Christophe Lauer

Super Bowl 2012 ads: Toyota – The Reinvented Camry

Let’s start this series of posts about the Super Bowl ads with the one from Japanese car builder Toyota for the new Camry. The ad is quite funny, as it shows how things from your every day life could be if they were reinvented in the same way that the new Camry was reinvented and made more useful and innovative.

So, what’s your prefered reinvention? The Police officer, the blender, the baby, the curtain, or the couch?
Maybe I’ll just go for the reinvented rain, since it’s certainly what I feel more painful in my every day life, and the was it way reinvented in this ad could make such a difference in our lifes ;)

Feb 4, 2012
Christophe Lauer

Living in a Kinect video game. It’s 21th Century, after all!

The website Ubergizmo reports that a new theme park powered by Microsoft Kinect sensors, and other connected and touch devices has opened in South Korea.

Here is a video on YouTube presenting a quick tour of the park:

It really looks funny. Don’t you have the feeling that the visitors look like living in a giant videogame? It’s the 21th Century after all, so I guess everything is possible.


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