DO’s and DON’Ts of Social Analytics – Conference material

This morning in Paris was our event “Social Media Analytics”, with our partners from comScore and Adobe.

Here is my presentation about the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Analytics. This is the director’s cut version, along with the comments. Enjoy!

Why I was – probably – wrong about Pinterest and why I believe it’s here to stay

I think that I have read almost all that was available to read about Pinterest during the last weeks, trying to understand where all this buzz came from. And surprisingly, here’s what I found…

(From SlideShare) Facebook goes public. What now?

(I’m nice, I share…) Here is one of the best content that I’ve seen lately about Facebook, and the fact that the social network is going public. It comes from Publicis Modem UK, it has been published on SlideShare, and I really recommend that you spend some time browsing through it’s content.